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Managing cloud entitlements doesn't have to be hard

Full identity visibility

Which engineers have access to sensitive resources? What are the different attack paths?

Delight your developers

You should never need to trade-off infrastructure security against developer velocity

Fast privileged access

Process access escalations in minutes. No more tickets, better-scoped permissions, and automatic expiration.


Three screenshots: a user typing '/p0 request' followed by request details, a view of the Slack form with some request details filled in, and a view of the requests history within the P0 app.
Just-in-Time Access

Automate privileged access workflows

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Our elegant Slackbot enables engineers to request just-in-time, fine-grained access to any cloud resource, without becoming an expert in the language of cloud IAM. DevOps teams can automate provisioning and expiry of access, without needing to constantly update static IDP groups.

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IAM Audit

Identify risks in your cloud IAM

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Answer questions like:

  • Which permissions are sensitive?
  • Who has access to sensitive resources?
  • Which accounts are over-provisioned?
  • Which ex-employee has not been off-boarded?

...and much more...

Use Cases

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1. Break-glass access for production

Provide developers just-in-time, short-lived and fine-grained access to a production stack (AWS, GCP, Kubernetes) for deploying or troubleshooting a service.

2. Automate access reviews

Automate periodic access reviews of your cloud environment, and accelerate compliance for SOC2 and ISO 27001, without overburdening your teams.

3. Access to customer data

Provide engineers and customer success teams just-in-time and short-lived access to customer data in a cloud environment, or in a data warehouse (like Snowflake).

Provide privileged access in under 5 minutes

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